Brick and
Stone Services and Roofers in Rochdale, Manchester

Brick and
Stone Cleaning in Rochdale, Manchester

Through time, every building will become dull, dirty and stained, tainted by contaminants and pollution in the air, weeds, moss, algae and other biological matter. Being constantly exposed to the elements, brickwork can easily start to look worn out and unsightly without some kind of cleaning or upkeep. Moss and algae can grow and spread quickly over brickwork, causing your once charming, clean building to become dull and depressing.

Brick and
Stone Pointing in Rochdale, Manchester

All walls have a limited lifespan, and whilst they may still physically stand, sooner or later the brick or stone will need pointing or repointing. Pointing is the technique of repairing or replacing mortar joints between bricks and other masonry, and is really important to prevent water ingress in your property. Over time, the mortar in between your bricks will be eroded away by weathering, allowing water to seep through the brickwork.

Brick and
Stone Repairs in Rochdale, Manchester

Our team are qualified and experienced in carrying out the seamless repair of all brickwork and stonework, to buildings and properties both old and new. Our repair services generally involve a mixture of specialist masonry services, to include repointing, brick re-facing, individual brick replacement and in some cases, complete rebuilding. We can seamlessly repair issues with new brickwork such as lime, chipped bricks, damaged mortar and more.

Brick and
Stone Sealing in Rochdale, Manchester

Protecting your new brick or stonework is just as important as the initial repair, and will enhance the buildings ability to repel moisture, grime and surface contaminants. This not only has an effect on the aesthetics of your property, it also helps reduce energy and prevent moisture build up. Studies have shown that moisture in building materials is a key factor in energy loss from homes, with wet materials transferring heat much quicker than dry.

Stack Repairs in Rochdale, Manchester

We work alongside our roofing company to work on chimney stacks as part of their complete re-roofing process. Chimney stacks are designed to dissipate the products of combustion into the atmosphere, and are therefore placed well above buildings, exposed to the elements throughout their lifetime. Being constantly under attack from nature and the effects of weathering, we often find that chimney stacks and their brickwork bear the brunt.

Brickwork in Rochdale, Manchester

Our small but experienced team are qualified to create and build custom small-scale masonry projects for both domestic and commercial customers, a service which supplements and complements our core range of brickwork and pointing services. Are you looking for something special or unique like a brick archway, a bespoke brick panel, a brick barbecue or even a brick pizza oven for your garden? Or how about more traditional brickwork?